Life Insurance

Build Peace of Mind with the Right Coverage

There are many reasons every person needs to have life insurance. Your family relies on you and your income. Maybe you have a mortgage payment on your home or some credit card debt. Why force your family to cover those costs and others if no plan is in place? Get the peace of mind you and your family deserves. Ask PD Insurance Agency for help finding the best option of insurance for you!


Whole Life Insurance

Is a type of permanent life insurance which provides a death benefit upon the insured’s passing? Whole life policies also accumulate cash value over time.

Term Life Insurance

Is a type of life insurance product that provides death benefit protection for a specific period of time (5-10 years). This policy will only pay out if the insured dies during the term.

Universal Life Insurance

A type of life insurance policy that combines term life and an investment feature into one contract. Universal Life Insurance policies generally offer flexible premium payments.

Graded Benefit Whole Life Insurance

A permanent life insurance policy that is designed for individuals who are in less-than-perfect health. The Graded Benefit Whole Life plan allows someone who may not normally qualify for coverage the peace of mind of having life insurance.

Equity-Indexed Universal life insurance

A permanent life insurance policy that allows the policyholders to tie accumulation values to a stock market index. Indexed Universal Life policies typically contain a minimum guaranteed fixed interest rate component along with the indexed account option. Indexed policies give you the security of fixed universal life insurance with the growth potential of a variable policy linked to indexed returns.

No matter how old you are, PD Insurance Agency can help you find competitive rates because here “where you matter”

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance, also called supplemental accident insurance or personal accident insurance, pays out a cash benefit for accidental injuries.


Life happens when you least expect it. Every day we are exposed to situations that could result in an accident. Each year more than 3 million people are hospitalized, and 27 million people visit the emergency room. Even with health insurance, the extra costs from an accidental injury can really add up and may leave you financially unstable.


Consider the long lasting effects that a common accident could have on your financial well-being. Could you afford thousands in out-of-pocket medical costs? What if you didn’t have a primary health insurance plan? You never know when you or a family member could get hurt in an accident. An accident insurance policy is a helpful and sensible precaution.


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